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Killer Six Pack Workout

Followingly, I will show you some of my favourite six pack workouts. If you combine these exercises with a well balanced diet - if you don't know where to start, read my article about how to plan a healthy diet for building six pack abs - and plenty of cardio workout I assure you that you'll get that ripped six pack you dream about in no time.

Plank and Side Plank

Those are both isometric exercises - read more about isometric ab exercises here - and are both great for core building. About.com has a nicelly written article about core training. To make the plank more challenging you may spread your feet and place your elbows further away. Whilst the plank works the entire core, the side plank is more specific for each side of the body, having the advantage of being a good exercise to correct any imbalances you may have. This exercise works mainly the deep abdominal muscles such as the transverse abdominus and obliques, which aren't reached by the vast majority of the abs workouts.

Plank and Side Plank by RunnersWorldTV

Bird Dog

This is also a great exercise for core building. Besides of working your back and abs, it also works out the glutes. This is an amazing exercise for those who are looking for better stability.

Bird Dog by RunnersWorldTV

Turkish Getup

Despite its funny name, this exercise is quite demanding. Just like all the previous exercises, this one is also great for building core strength but is also one of the best to burn calories. Do this one right and you will see the results in no time.

Turkish Getup by RunnersWorldTV

Double Leg Hops

This is one of the best exercises I know to train stability while giving you at the same time a killer abs workout and burning an insane amount of calories. Additionally, it will also build strong calves.

Double Leg Hops by RunnersWorldTV

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