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Killer Six Pack Workout

Followingly, I will show you some of my favourite six pack workouts. If you combine these exercises with a well balanced diet - if you don't know where to start, read my article about how to plan a healthy diet for building six pack abs - and plenty of cardio workout I assure you that you'll get that ripped six pack you dream about in no time.

Plank and Side Plank

Those are both isometric exercises - read more about isometric ab exercises here - and are both great for core building. About.com has a nicelly written article about core training. To make the plank more challenging you may spread your feet and place your elbows further away. Whilst the plank works the entire core, the side plank is more specific for each side of the body, having the advantage of being a good exercise to correct any imbalances you may have. This exercise works mainly the deep abdominal muscles such as the transverse abdominus and obliques, which aren't reached by the vast majority of the abs workouts.

Plank and Side Plank by RunnersWorldTV

Bird Dog

This is also a great exercise for core building. Besides of working your back and abs, it also works out the glutes. This is an amazing exercise for those who are looking for better stability.

Bird Dog by RunnersWorldTV

Turkish Getup

Despite its funny name, this exercise is quite demanding. Just like all the previous exercises, this one is also great for building core strength but is also one of the best to burn calories. Do this one right and you will see the results in no time.

Turkish Getup by RunnersWorldTV

Double Leg Hops

This is one of the best exercises I know to train stability while giving you at the same time a killer abs workout and burning an insane amount of calories. Additionally, it will also build strong calves.

Double Leg Hops by RunnersWorldTV

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Choose the Right Machine to Get a Six Pack Fast

Everybody wants to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Most people are giving more importance to physical fitness and are acquiring different kinds of home exercise equipment to work out according to their own convenience. One of the most useful types of exercise equipment that will help you to have a healthy body and great shape is abs exercise equipment. Due to the fact you can find different kinds of machines you should choose the best one to give you good results. Six pack workouts are extremely valuable to strengthen your abdominal muscles and get a toned physique.

The sort of six pack equipment you invest in depends on the sort of workout routines you’ll be engaging in. These types of machines concentrate on the muscles in the abdomen and also the lower back which are the core muscles. And also they offer you balance and stability. The equipment you purchase does not have to be very expensive. It is possible to work with simple devices like an exercise ball to work the core muscles. Use the ball to do physical exercises such as basic rolls, twists and ab crunches to obtain good results.

When you are choosing abs exercise equipment make certain that it can provide you with good variety. It is best to have the ability to do lots of different kinds of activities when using the device. If you happen to do the same exercises every single time you will be bored and won’t feel like doing it at all. If you are able to do a number of exercises it will be a great deal more appealing.

At the time you buy any devices for your abdominal workout ensure that you check the level of quality. A number of them are produced from cheap materials and do not last very long. So be certain that you invest in products that feature at the very least a one year warranty to make certain that you can utilize them for a longer time. Cheap machines come with inexpensive prices also. Look for good quality equipment even if they’re a little expensive, since they will last you a very long time. Those types are often stronger and much more resilient. Here are some of the best ab machines your money can by according to AskMen.com.

Isometric training is very critical for six pack workouts. So when you acquire the machine, verify whether you’ll be able to perform the isometric training with it. When you’re able to locate a device which can offer you that, then there’s absolutely nothing better. Simply by undertaking isometric training you’ll be able to get the maximum results. So assess this special function and purchase the device keeping that in mind. Yoga also has it's base on isometric training and it's a great complement for your ab workouts.  Followingly you can watch a video by BeFit which shows some yoga exercises that particularly target the abs.

Yoga abs workout by BeFit

Besides obtaining the very best six pack exercise equipment for your workout program, it is important to adhere to a low carbohydrate diet plan to cut down extra fat in your abdominal area. Decide on an excellent nutrition plan to enhance your workout routines and assist you to attain your goal fairly quickly. A mixture of healthy diet and exercise will be the best way to tone your physique and continue to keep the extra fat off long term.

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How to Condition Your Mind and Body for the Best Way to Get a Six Pack Fast

As well as having the information you need regarding the best way to get a six pack, the next thing to figure out is how to put everything together to work towards a common goal of revealing those sexy abs effectively. If you try to go back to the two main components of weight loss (proper diet and exercise), you’ll notice that these two entail the coordination of both the body and mind.

A lot has already been said about proper diet and exercise, but what good can the best way to get a six pack do when you have a mind that can’t stop yourself from eating your third slice of chocolate cake or whatever other food is your downfall when it comes to dieting and if thats what's happening your body won't function the way it should simply because it doesn’t get all the nutrients that it needs? So with all the information presented to you by the various six pack experts out there, at the end of the day, it will still boil down to you being in charge of your health.

As mentioned above, both the body and the mind can either make or break the best ways to get a six pack. The good thing is that there are 2 simple ways for you to do this effectively.

Conditioning the Mind and Body in 2 Simple Ways

1. Learn Self-discipline – Perhaps you’ve heard of the saying “it’s all in the mind” – such statement stands true for a person’s food appetite. You should learn to determine whether it’s your body telling you that it needs to have some food and or when it’s just your mind telling you to eat some more.

So basically it goes like this: it’s okay to eat a cheese and vegetable omelet with chicken sausage and half of a grapefruit for your 7am breakfast. Some people may think it’s quite heavy for someone who wants to get a six pack fast, but in reality, this is essential for the mind and body to function properly throughout the day. You've surely heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But when you pop into local drive through by 10am because you just can’t resist the taste of a cheese burger, then that’s another story. With the breakfast you had, you should be feeling full until your next regular meal time. But because your brain says otherwise, you give in to the quick fix of junk food temptation.

The same goes true for doing six pack workouts regularly. You need to control the urge of making excuses to get up in the morning and perform your exercises as it will eventually consume you and drag you to failure. Try to set a regular workout time and follow your schedule strictly. If you decide to jog at 6am, you should be in your jogging attire by 5:45am, and stick to it, its all about self-discipline! Here is some sound advice on how to gain self-discipline.

2. Widen your knowledge – For someone who’s eager to find the best way to get a six pack, it’s quite easy to believe those so called experts when they tell you not to eat any fats because they will all make you even fatter. Being as determined as you are, you completely eliminate any kind of fats from your daily meals. But when you spend some time researching the facts, you’ll find out that certain fats are one of the essential nutrients that our body needs. So what you really do to your body by not having any is deprive it of a much needed nutrient that could have possibly helped speed up your metabolism.

Also, you may have the misconception that spending a lot of hours doing your crunches and abs-specific exercises is the best way to get a six pack. Most “six pack experts” out there can be so effective in convincing people to enroll in their abs-specific training programs, because they will offer misinformation like the best way to get a six pack = 3000 sit-ups or crunches per day, of their ab belt will get you ripped abs with no other exercise, but when you’ve done your homework, you’ll find that that a more sensible equation should look like this:

Full body workouts = Reduced body fat; Reduced body fat = The best way to get a six pack

The Best Way to Get a Six Pack Fast: 3 Truths About Getting Six Pack Abs

Perhaps you’re here because you’re in search of the best way to get a six pack – and you want to do it fast, don’t you? It’s not surprising why a six pack is so coveted by so many men and women out there. For men, having washboard abs is the sign of peak male fitness, and as for women, a six-pack can definitely bring their sexiness to a whole new height.

Unfortunately for those who are just in the process of learning more about the best way to get a six pack, the internet is bombarded with a lot of false and even crappy information about the supposedly proper diets and six pack workouts that will work best to achieving your goals. The lack of research and knowledge is the most common reason why there are some people who often get tricked by all those exercise and diet programs that offer a so-called “quick way” to get a six pack .

If you are really serious about learning the best way to get a six pack, which you can use to effectively burn your belly fat and turn them into a lean and firm ab section that will make the opposite sex drool every time, then you ought to listen to these 3 truths that we’re about to reveal.

Truth #1: There’s no such thing as an easy way to get a six pack

Most people often think that finding the best way to get a six pack will actually allow them to get a six pack fast, but remember that as well as giving you an impressive physical appearance, a six pack also offers numerous long-term health benefits. With this in mind, you can’t expect to see the results overnight. You’ll have to work on every aspect involved, and put in enough work to succeed. As the old saying goes: no pain, no gain! Here are some of the advantages of having a six pack.

Truth #2: An abs-specific exercise program is NOT the best way to get a six pack

One of the keys to getting a six pack is reducing body fat, and merely doing abs-specific training won’t be of any help. The abs are only a portion of the total number of muscle groups in the body, thus, when you focus only on this specific area, you’re missing out on the larger muscle groups like the legs, chest and back. These large muscle groups are in fact, the ones that can tap your metabolic rate and fat burning hormones. Once you have lowered your body fat percentage, specifically stomach fats, that’s when you’ll get a chance to finally reveal a six pack.

Truth #3: A calorie-free diet is just a big mistake

Generally, a person has to reduce his calorie intake in order to lose weight. Perhaps you have come across many weight loss programs out there that suggest caloric restriction. However, there is one big problem with this kind of diet – it can slow down your metabolism and eventually also slow down your progress in losing weight.

Trying to eliminate calories from your diet will just make you want to eat more since your muscles are starving, yet they have nothing to eat. This is specifically true for those who follow an intense exercise program regularly. Women who are physically active should consume at least 1300 calories, while physically active men need no less than 1500 calories in order to lose weight effectively.

So these are the 3 things that we wanted you to know about getting a six pack. Contrary to what most programs out there will tell you, the best way to get a six pack is not just about doing thousands of sit-ups per day, or following a crash diet, it’s actually more about having a balanced weight loss program that comes with both a healthy diet and a full body exercise.

The Best Way to Get a Six Pack Fast: Healthy Diet in 5 Easy Steps

Having excess abdominal fat is a common sign of obesity and even this can already be life threatening on its own. This is why more and more people are wanting to flatten and strengthen their abs.

The dangers of being obese are most likely known to everyone as the internet and TV provides ample information on the subject. However, the health risks associated to excess abdominal fats are most often overlooked. You should already be familiar with those health risks, although if you are not, here's a quick glimpse. Motivated to burn fat already? You should.

There are two main types of abdominal fats – the ones that prevent you from getting successful results when training your six pack. These that lie directly beneath your skin to cover your abs and are known as subcutaneous fats, and these that lie deeper, surrounding your vital body organs, which are known as visceral fats.

The latter, which are also the ones responsible for what we call the “beer belly” are regarded as more dangerous, as they are associated to higher levels of C-reactive protein or CRP (a symptom of internal inflammation of the human body). Nonetheless, having both of these types of fats in the abdominal area may cause serious health problems like cancer, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Both types of fats can be accumulated inside the body as a result of an unhealthy diet in most cases. So to begin with, we can say that the best way to get a six pack is to work on your food intake. However, many people who are tying to get a six pack or to lose weight for that area, do not really understand the concept of a truly healthy diet.

So what is this “healthy and balanced diet” that we’re talking about? The term can be quite tricky, considering the various information that is available on the subject, however, one thing to keep in mind is this – a diet plan that doesn’t give your body all the nutrients that it needs isn’t likely to be the best way to get a six pack. So don’t fall for those low-calorie, low-fat, low carb type diet programs being promoted online. Most of these diet fads seem to make it even more complicated, when the truth is, the proper weight loss diet boils down to only 5 simple things:

1. Avoid processed and canned foods – the lining inside these canned foods has this chemical known as BPA or Bisphenol A. BPA is a type of Xenoestrogen, which was found to cause cancer and other deadly diseases among animals even in relatively small amounts. In addition, too much Xenoestrogen can cause the body to develop and form stubborn abdominal fats in the long run and the truth is, nothing beats organic and fresh food products when aiming for weight loss.

2. Nutritious foods are always better – your body needs sufficient amount of food and nutrients in order function normally. When you deprive your body of any of these two, irregularities a slower metabolism will occur.

3. Fruits and vegetables are one of your healthiest food options – any diet plan MUST include lots of fruits and vegetables. You can try replacing your daily carb consumption with any of your favorite fruit and veggies.

4. High protein isn’t always bad – a healthy diet ought to include a moderate amount of high quality protein for every meal for example eggs, fish, chicken.

5. High fiber and healthy fats can help control your appetite – fiber helps your body maintain a normal sugar level, while healthy fats such as those found in nuts, organic eggs and fish oil can help create hormonal balance. Both can also be a great help in getting a six pack as a normal sugar level and balanced body hormones can help control your appetite.

Here you can find an amazing diet plan made by Mike Roussell, Ph.D., which will definitely help you on your way to get a six pack fast.

The Basics on How to Get a Six Pack Fast

Getting a six pack requires a lot of dedication. All the same, there are misunderstandings among many people on how to get a six pack. The basis of getting a six pack is shedding off excessive unhealthy body weight and/or build additional muscle mass. This article will guide you on how to get six pack abs. Followingly, I will present you some of the basic measures you can take in your journey towards a ripped six pack.

Review your diet
The fastest way to get a six pack is consuming a proper diet. Getting a six pack entails removing abdominal fat that cover the muscles located between the pelvic and chest bones. This brings forth the abdominal muscles, the six pack. Consequently, one should avoid fatty food that will add further fat in the stomach. Sugary food should also be avoided; too much sugar in the body is converted to fat, which, for those who are genetically predisposed will accumulate in the stomach area and thus hinder the process of getting a six pack.

Bodybuilding.com has some of the best diets for burning fat in a healthy way you can find. Take a look at them here.

Invest on exercise
Getting a six pack fast calls for regular exercise. In a day, one must do a couple of exercises for not less than half an hour. Exercise helps the body burn down surplus calories. While exercise is a crucial step when it comes to fastest way to get a six pack, one should only indulge in exercises that are not detrimental for the body. Going for bike ride, walking or running in a slow pace is enough to start. Do not engage in exercise such as load lifting if you cannot handle it.

Drink water
Another important factor to get a six pack fast is water intake. Roughly eight to ten glasses of water each day will help you get six pack abs. Water aids muscle activity, so this way you can burn calories throughout the day. Additionally, water aids in food digestion, it frees you from constant headaches and gives you energy to exercise. Getting a six pack fast is much harder without proper hydration.

Drinking water also has some other advantages. Read more about them here.

Getting a six pack requires adequate rest. After a long day of work, one should sleep for about seven to eight hours. If one is deprived of rest, their rate of metabolism will go down meaning they will not be able to burn fat so efficiently. Also, they will burn body muscles rather than fats and they will frequently feel hungry and eat more.

Although, according to sleepfoundation.org there is no magic number for the amount of time a person should sleep. "Not only do different age groups need different amounts of sleep, but sleep needs are also individual." Read more about it.

In summary, it requires proper diet and water, exercising and resting. Taking medications is not the fastest nor the healthiest way to get a six pack. Ignore adverts which claim that you can get a six pack fast with pills and without any exercise, because if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.